The Bristol Beaufighter

Bristol Beaufighter

The Bristol Beaufighter was a very long range heavy fighter utilized by the British in World War II.  The Bristol Beaufighter, aka Beau, was a multi-purpose aircraft: namely night fighter, fighter bomber and a torpedo bomber. Production of the Bristol Beaufighter began in 1940 until 1946, with over 5,900 built.

The Bristol Beaufighter was powered by two Bristol Hercules 14 cylinder radial engines. The Bristol Beaufighter had a maximum speed of approximately 320 mph, with a range of approximately 1,750 miles and had a service ceiling of around 19,000 ft. The Bristol Beaufighter was usually armed with:  Four – 20 mm Hispano Mk III cannons, four – .303 Browning machine guns on one wing,  two –  .303 in Browning machine guns on the other wing and eight RP-3 Rocket Projectiles or two 1,000 lb  bombs.

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